Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Geotargeting: The future of Mobile Marketing?

GPS, RFID, what do all of these acronyms mean in the way of marketing? How will it change your experience as a consumer in the world of technology? With the number of people who have smart phones growing at such a rapid rate, it's becoming easier and easier for people to find where their friends are at, or to find businesses around them that fulfill their needs. Businesses are beginning to utilize this concept to help bring in more customers.

Imagine this: your hungry, driving through downtown Seattle and you aren't sure where to eat. When you type "restaurant" into your GPS search, McDonald's sends you a promotion for 25% off your next purchase (valid for 2 hours). Would this convince you to come to McDonald's? This might be the future of mobile marketing. Rapid response, 1 time promotions to convince you to bring your money to them instead of your competitor.

Is Big Brother becoming too big? Or is this just the type of thing that you are looking for?


  1. It is amazing, how technology improving and impacting intelligent marketing today!

  2. I have really enjoyed seeing this technology being implemented into smartphones. The great aspects of what this can allow the user to do are not only seeing promotions from restaurants, but also "check-in" to places based on your location. As for the "big brother" aspect I don't believe that is a problem because you have to give permission to the app or service provided they ask you in advance. Unless you own an iPhone, the big brother aspect isn't a factor. I wouldn't mind seeing this technology improve, but what I would mind is having a company secretly tracking my locations "without my knowledge".